‘At Least the Word Peace is Not Forbidden Yet’: Expanding Narratives for Equality and Justice

“At least, the word peace is not forbidden yet”, said a TV correspondent covering Ukraine on March 3, 2022, to end their coverage of the dispute about the term “war” to discuss the Russian aggression. Peace, as an ideal aim, is a concept that contains discourses that major actors in a conflict can exploit for political purposes. This MDC event examines how the media contribute to the discursive confusion about peaceful and just societies, with an emphasis on a critical analysis of saturated ideological perspectives and mainstream media.

Dr Ahmed Bahiya, who runs the MDC Research group in Babylon University, Iraq, has set up a new digital news group: was established in 2022, the Harf News Agency is an independent Iraqi media organization that promotes freedom of speech and pluralism in media coverage, in order strengthen democracy and human rights.

Centre right (above), the visitors at the University, and centre right (below), Brian Dodds showing the visitors round the journalism offices in the Clephan. The 8 visitors all received copies of the MDC edited collection Journalism, Power and Investigation.

On the 29th and 30th March, Pervez Khan organised a visit of lecturers from Tirana University, where he and Richard Danbury set up an Investigative Journalism unit.

Above (left), Pervez teaching a session in Tirana.

On the 30th March, Dr Giuliana Tiripelli gave a talk for the visitors on ‘Journalism HE: theory and practice for a better world’.

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