Media Discourse Centre, Documentary Media Centre, & LSPR Jakarta 

 Tuesday 9th November 2021, 1pm Clephan Building lecture theatre 3.01 

Presentations on PR, Journalism and Politics 

1.00pm – LSPR CEO Prita Kemal Gani, MBA, MCIPR, APR.  

The need for Public Relations in Business’.  

Taking an international perspective, this talk examines the use of PR in business transactions. 

 1.25pm – Professor Stuart Price 

 The Capitol Riot and the Concept of ‘Insurrection’ 

This paper interrogates the discursive framework within which the Capitol incursion of 6 January 2021 was presented. The predominant narrativisation of the event by ‘mainstream’ liberal US/UK media – as an ‘insurrection’, an assault on ‘the seat of democracy’, and even as a form of ‘domestic terrorism’ – reinforced the notion that the democratic order and its supposed adherence to Truth, was somehow fragile and in need of reconstruction.  

1.45pm – Dr Giuliana Tiripelli 

Researching Peace on Twitter: methodologies and discoveries 

Dr Tiripelli will introduce new research about peace discourses focussing on the Israeli/Palestinian conflict. This new research shows how interactive discourse analysis can be practiced online, by taking Twitter as an example. Findings will reveal that apparently “new” discourses justifying a rejection of peace are reinforced by the polarising dynamics of the web. 

2.05 pm – Dr Ben Harbisher 

Nudge: Behavioural Science, Normative Discourse, and the Art of Consent 

This paper examines the use of Behavioural Science (or Nudge theory as it is conventionally known) as a strategy used by the British Government to justify the first national lockdown in the UK, and mitigate the spread of infections at the peak of the 2020 pandemic. As a disciplinary technique, nudges helped establish a series of political narratives that were used to dominate popular discourse throughout the crisis.  

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