MDC Newsletter Winter 2021

Please take a look at the latest Media Discourse Centre Newsletter covering events and activities at the end of 2021.

On 7 December, Dr Jennifer Garcia Carrizo, of Complutense, Madrid, and the Open University of Barcelona, visited the MDC as part of our shared project on the Feminist General Strike in Spain. Our collaboration began in 2015, when Dr Carrizo was working on City Branding, using Leicester as an example of the phenomenon.

On 15 December, John Coster, of MDC and the Documentary Media Centre, hosted the latest in a series of online events – ‘Turn Up the Volume’, a Youth Focused Newsroom.

Organised by Dr Ruth Sanz Sabido of CCCU, the PSA Media Politics Group conference was held on 7 December. Prof Stuart Price’s paper addressed the shifting referential assumptions that – after the fall of Kabul – were grafted onto the concept ‘international community’.

Conference papers included material on social media use, the politics of the pandemic, journalism, dissent and political communication, tech companies, community cohesion, inequality, and forms of solidarity.

Professor Jason Lee’s programme of academic activity and writing continues with a number of new contracted titles and book chapters, including: Madness in Film and Media – Wellbeing and the Transrational (Springer, due out 2022); Child Sexual Abuse in Film and Media (Amsterdam University Press, due out 2023); The Women of Woody Allen [ed. Martin Hall] (Amsterdam University Press, due out 2022); and a work on PTSD and Film (Palgrave Pivot).

This month, Pervez Khan, director of the MA Investigative Journalism, ran an inaugural series of workshops for the Investigative Journalism students at Tirana University, Albania.

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