Peace and Justice?

Participatory research in the Global South

Academics and activists review the conditions that determine the social fate of ordinary citizens and indigenous peoples in the Global South.

Using the framework of the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals, our speakers describe the success or otherwise of moral interventions in the sphere of governance and citizen collaboration, within co-created outreach and research projects that have used citizen testimony to explore relations between the state, the corporate sector, and indigenous people/disadvantaged citizens

Our speakers identify the conditions that enable or prevent the free communication of citizen perspectives and demands within national and trans-national political systems

Speakers at the seminar:

Glyn Pegler (Honorary Consul to Mexico), and Professor Jason Lee, both of whom ran the De Montfort University Enterprise Fund Project based in Oaxaca, Mexico, 2021 to 2022.

Ali Hines (Land Campaigner, Global Witness, Media Discourse Centre research associate, and author of ‘Decade of Defiance’ (2022) on the Land Defenders of the Global South)

Dr Fernanda Amaral is a founding member of the LEMRI research institute, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, a leading Media Discourse Centre research associate, and the author of ‘Voices from the favelas: media activism and counter-narratives from below’ (2021). She will describe her research project, conducted in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro.

Moderator: Professor Stuart Price, Director of the Media Discourse Centre, is the author or editor of a number books on media and political issues: the most recent are ‘Power, Media and the Covid-19 pandemic’ (with Ben Harbisher, 2022), and ‘Journalism, Power and Investigation’ (2019)

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